WooCommerce Payment Plans Plugin


PayFlexi Flexible Payment Plans & Fast Checkout plugin for WooCommerce is a checkout solution that allows you to accept automated installment or one-time payments from your customers before they get access to the product.


Pay with your credit card via Stripe. Use the card number 4242424242424242 with CVC 123, a valid expiration date and random 5-digit ZIP-code to test pay in instalment at the point of checkout.

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Quite often, it’s just too much for customers to place a huge order. Even if they are comfortable and have the money, letting go of $500 – $1000 on the beat really holds the strings on their wallet. Offer them flexibility in payment and improve conversion & customer satisfaction.

The PayFlexi Flexible Payment Plans & Fast Checkout for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows your customers to pay in installments for the products and services at the point of checkout. The plugin connects with the PayFlexi checkout solution that allows you to create an instalment plan for your products and services. You can set number of installments as well as payment frequency. You can also set the percentage down payment.

The opportunity to split the payment into several parts can increase the number of orders and facilitate the conversion of doubting customers, especially if you are selling an high value products.
PayFlexi allows your customers to buy products just by paying down payment at the time of purchase and remaining amount to be paid later in easy installments. Here are some benefits;

  • Sell your high-value items at the right price without looking expensive.
  • Start accepting down payment for products ahead of launch (pre-order).
  • Increase the average order and motivate your customers to pay for more high-value items.
  • Builds a trustworthy relationship between your business and the customers.
  • Create an easy payment experience for your customers who cannot pay the full amount beforehand to prevent losing their orders.
  • Immediate cash flow



  • Automate your payments collection exactly according to customer scheduled and payment plans.
  • Let customers customize plans within the limits that you set.
  • Specify the minimum & maximum tenures(weekly & monthly) available for the customers at checkout.
  • Specify the minimum order amount to enable instalment payment plans based on tenure.
  • Customers can also be presented with the option to pay in full during checkout.
  • Specify the minimum & maximum percentage deposit before a customer can opt-in to a payment plan.
  • Accept payments via your existing payment processor and get paid instantly.
  • Manage and view all payment schedules from your dedicated merchant dashboard.
  • Customers have access to dedicated dashboard for managing their payment schedules.
  • Automatic email reminder before the installment payment due date. Installment payment confirmation & Installment payment failure.

With PayFlexi, you can bring your existing payment processor to accept payment. We currently support;

  • Stripe
  • PayStack
  • Flutterwave

To signup for a PayFlexi Merchant account visit the website by clicking here

New Payment Gateways will be added regularly. If there is a Payment Gateway that you need urgently or a feature missing that you think we must add, get in touch with us and we will consider it.


PayFlexi – Woocommerce payment plans plugin integrates uniquely into ticketing, bookings, appointments, travel, hotels, tours and events plugins and themes by using the booking date to auto-calculate the instalment plans available to customers. This ensures that customers always complete their payment plans before they get access to the product or services.

Booking Case Scenarios

  1. Weekly – Customer makes a booking or appointment 4 weeks from today;

Maximum Instalment frequency available at checkout

  • Weekly: 3 Weeks
  • Monthly: Not available
  1. Monthly – Customer makes a booking or appointment 3 months from today;

Maximum Instalment frequency available at checkout

  • Weekly: 11 Weeks
  • Monthly: 2 Months

We currently support the following integrations and we are constantly adding more integrations

  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.8.x,