Accepting Payment Plans on Woocommerce stores


Accepting Payment Plans on Woocommerce stores

Quite often, it’s just too much for customers to place a high-ticket order. Even if they are comfortable and have the money, letting go of $500 – $1000 on the beat really holds the strings on their wallet. Offer them flexibility in payment and improve conversion & customer satisfaction.

The PayFlexi Flexible Payment Plans & Fast Checkout for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows your customers to pay in installments for the products and services at the point of checkout. The plugin connects with the PayFlexi checkout solution that allows you to create an instalment plan for your products and services. You can set the number of installments and payment frequency. You can also set the percentage down payment.

The opportunity to split the payment into several parts can increase the number of orders and facilitate the conversion of doubting customers, especially if you are selling a high-value product.

PayFlexi allows your customers to buy products just by paying down payment at the time of purchase and remaining amount to be paid later in easy installments. Here are some benefits;

  • Sell your high-value items at the right price without looking expensive.
  • Start accepting down payment for products ahead of launch (pre-order).
  • Increase the average order and motivate your customers to pay for more high-value items.
  • Builds a trustworthy relationship between your business and the customers.
  • Create an easy payment experience for your customers who cannot pay the full amount beforehand to prevent losing their orders.
  • Immediate cash flow


  • Automate your payments collection exactly according to customer scheduled and payment plans.
  • Let customers customize plans within the limits that you set.
  • Specify the minimum & maximum tenures(weekly & monthly) available for the customers at checkout.
  • Specify the minimum order amount to enable instalment payment plans based on tenure.
  • Customers can also be presented with the option to pay in full during checkout.
  • Specify the minimum & maximum percentage deposit before a customer can opt-in to a payment plan.
  • Accept payments via your existing payment processor and get paid instantly.
  • Manage and view all payment schedules from your dedicated merchant dashboard.
  • Customers have access to dedicated dashboard for managing their payment schedules.
  • Automatic email reminder before the installment payment due date. Installment payment confirmation & Installment payment failure.

Getting started with integration

Before installing this plugin, you should first install the Woocommerce plugin. You can get the plugin here – After installing and activating Woocommerce, you can then install the PayFlexi Woocommerce plugin.

1. Download the plugin from here – You will get a zip file which you have to upload in the “Add New” menu option in the WordPress admin panel.

2. Upload the plugin to your WordPress dashboard. For this, login to WordPress Admin Panel then Under the Dashboard, hover your mouse over the “Plugins” menu option which brings out a Sub-Menu then select the “Add New” option.

After this, you will see an option on the top of your page that is “Upload Plugin”, Now clicks the option to upload the zip file.

By clicking on the “Upload Plugin” option, below that you will see a button “Choose File” click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the snapshot below.

After browsing the file, click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin as per the snapshot.

Now when the plugin is installed correctly, you will see the success message & an option to activate the plugin. Then, click on “Activate Plugin” to activate the installed PayFlexi plugin.

3. To configure the plugin, go to Woocommerce > Settings from the left hand menu, then click Checkout from the top tab. You will see PayFlexi as part of the available Checkout Options. Click on it to configure the payment gateway.

Before configuring your settings, you must have a PayFlexi merchant account. You can sign-up for an account here – You can also learn more about PayFlexi here –

After setting up your PayFlexi merchant account. Here is what next to do on the Woocommerce settings page

  • Click on the checkbox to enable it
  • Enabled Payment Gateway: Select the payment gateway corresponding to what you enabled on your PayFlexi merchant dashboard. Currently, support “stripe”, “paystack”, “flutterwave”. Please note that other payment methods are added regularly by the PayFlexi Team.
  • Mode: You can select either “Live” or “Test” mode. Only select “Live” mode when you are ready to accept payment from your customers.
  • PayFlexi Keys: Copy all the corresponding keys from the Developers section of your PayFlexi merchant dashboard. If you don’t have a PayFlexi merchant account, click here on how to create one.
  • Webhook URL: This is very important. Copy the webhook url that is shown to you on the settings page. Copy this url and add it to the developers section on your PayFlexi merchant dashboard. After adding it to your PayFlexi dashboard as shown below, click on “Update URLs” to save it.

Now that you have finished setting up PayFlexi for Woocommerce, you can now start accepting flexible payment plans from your customers at the point of checkout.